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Futon Frames

Whether it be an office space, living room, or bedroom, futons are the perfect addition to creating a versatile room. A futon is a simple piece of furniture that can be converted from a daytime sofa into a full bed with one easy movement. Futons can be useful for small spaces such as studio apartments that need to double as living and sleeping areas, or for transforming any room in your home into a perfect guest bedroom. 


All of the futons here at Siesta Sleepworks are designed with quality in mind and made out of solid oak frames for maximum durability. This piece of furniture is made for both sitting and sleeping, so comfort is a huge factor when choosing one of these beds. The futons are made with wood slats to create support on the back when using as a couch, and a level surface for your mattress when using as a bed. Our most popular frames are the Portland, Boston, and Manhattan futons, and all have a sleek design to match the style of any room. 

Futon Mattress 

As you may have guessed, the mattresses used for futon beds are not the same as the ones used for a traditional bed. The mattress must consist of a flexible material and include a crease so that the futon can efficiently fold into a sofa position. The mattresses used for futons are made from foam or coil to ensure a comfortable place to relax or get a great night’s sleep. Futons and mattresses are sold separately, but can both be purchased directly from our store at affordable prices. 

If you are lacking space in your bedroom or are tired of guests having to sleep on the uncomfortable couch when staying over, we have the perfect solution for you! Choose a piece of furniture that will satisfy all of your needs from creating a better space for entertaining, to transforming it into a comfortable place to rest your head at night. Stop by Siesta Sleepworks today to browse our selection of durable futon frames and mattresses. Contact us at 978.264.4448 for any questions and our customer service team will be happy to assist you!

  • Portland Futon
    Portland Futon

    Solid Oak Futon Frame

  • Boston Futon
    Boston Futon

    Solid Oak Futon Frame

  • Manhattan Futon
    Manhattan Futon

    Solid Oak Futon Frame