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Lincoln, MA

Located between Concord and Lexington, Lincoln is a small town home to approximately 6,400 residents, including those in the Hanscom Air Force Base.  The quaint town was once a part of Concord, MA in the mid 1600s. There is an abundance of history here, including the location where Paul Revere was captured back in 1775. Only Concord separates Lincoln from Acton, where our Siesta Sleepworks mattress store is located. If you’re in need of a new mattress, this is the right place for you! We offer a variety of top-brand mattresses at an affordable price, ensuring every customer gets the best sleep possible.

Mattresses in Lincoln, MA

The selection of mattresses at Siesta Sleepworks is endless. We sell Tempur-Pedic mattresses, which are a very  popular choice among many. They provide comfort like you have never experienced before, practically making them irresistible. Beautyrest is another customer favorite at Siesta Sleepworks, as it is an affordable choice, and offers good motion isolation. These mattresses can completely change the way you sleep. Check out some of our other mattress options here, or stop by our store in Acton to try them out for yourself!

The Right Mattress for a Better Sleep

Mattresses have significant impact on the way your body is rested. Regardless of if you’re having consecutive bad sleeps, or waking up still feeling tired, it is time to change your mattress. Different types of mattresses can have different results on your body, depending on how it responds during your sleep. There are those who prefer firm mattresses, while others enjoy a memory foam mattress that allows you to sink into your bed. Don’t let your preferences make the decision for you. Be open minded to testing new mattresses, and be sure to read our blog article on how selecting the right mattress can lead to a better sleep

Lincoln, MA Mattress Delivery

Siesta Sleepworks has proudly served the Lincoln community with the best top-quality mattresses since 1953. Our family-owned business is trusted to deliver your mattress in the best hands, as well as helping you find just the right mattress at a price that you simply cannot beat. Mattress shopping is very important, as this is a purchase that will last a long time. Make it the best experience possible by visiting Siesta Sleepworoks. Fill out a contact form, give us a call, or stop by today to get started!