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Category Archives: News

Redecorating Your Room in the Fall

  • 23 August, 2022
fall bedroom decorating with siesta sleepworks
Autumn has arrived, bringing cooler weather, colorful leaves, and cloudy skies suitable for snuggling indoors. It’s imperative to decorate your bedroom for fall, so it’s comfortable, welcoming, and warm. The following cozy bedroom decorating ideas will give your bedroom the

What is a Walk-Up Apartment? The Pros and Cons

  • 16 March, 2022
apartment FAQs
A walk-up apartment is just one of the many different apartments out there. These apartments have been around for centuries and were a very popular option for renters before elevators. Although not the most convenient, it’s a great choice for those

What to Know About Siesta’s Holiday Sale

  • 15 December, 2021
siesta sleepworks sale
This winter, gear up for the Siesta Holiday Sale! With unbeatable prices and brand name items, we are sure you will love your next purchase with this special savings offer. To learn more about it, read below.  What to Expect

3 Reasons to Shop at Siesta Sleepworks

  • 23 September, 2021
siesta sleepworks
Although there are an abundance of reasons that you will be satisfied with your purchases at Siesta Sleepworks, there are three main incentives to why you should shop here. To discover what these three reasons are, continue reading below.  1.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Mattress

  • 26 June, 2019
mattress shopping
Buying a new mattress is something that many people wait far too long to do. Your mattress should be replaced every 7 years, or when you begin to notice signs of wear and tear. That wear and tear will probably

$20 Million Dollars Found in a Mattress!

  • 9 January, 2017
We don’t usually report on news but this story was too good! Police investigated TelexFree owner, Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, with allegations of an alleged pyramid scheme. Authorities say TelexFree was originally created to swindle Brizilian immigrants but ended up

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Stay Asleep

  • 27 September, 2016
Do you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep? Here are the top 7 reasons why you might be having trouble with sleeping. Too much caffeine – It may be a no brainer but a lot of people like

What is Inside a Mattress?

  • 16 August, 2016
Mattresses have come a long way compared to the mattresses 20 years ago. New technology has improved the quality of sleep you get from a mattress.  But what’s really inside that makes them so comfortable? Mattresses can be made in

When Should I Get a New Mattress?

  • 2 August, 2016
Sometimes its hard to part with your mattress because you remember how comfortable it use to be. Over time, mattresses can wear down and cause sleep issues or back pain if they do not have enough support.  Go through this

13 Interesting Sleep Facts

  • 20 July, 2016
Here are some interesting sleep facts that you might not have heard: Sleeping on your front is one of the worst positions for your health. Sleep deprived people make riskier decisions. People that sleep in fetal position are described as

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